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Removals Advice

It is easy to forget something amongst all the planning; we are always happy to offer you some advice from our extensive experience and below you can run through a few key things to remember!

10 things to do before moving home! Removals Advice

1.  Book your moving day in with Tyrrells Removals!

2. Consider whether you want to have a clear out or temporarily de-clutter some items to move on at a later date; our containerised storage is competitively priced and we will even collect and store everything for you.

3. Make sure you inform your local authority about the move if parking restrictions are in place at your old or new property so that they can make an allowance for the removals truck.

4. Empty out your freezer contents and give it a defrost if there is any ice build up

5. We will bring all the packing materials you need and our team will provide professional packing straight off your shelves; no pre-packing required! Let us know if you have any unusual or valuable items or collections so we can make sure we have plenty of the right materials for the job.

6. Book in any electricians, plumbers or telephone engineers at either address to cut off or set up your utilities services.

7. Let people know you are moving, some of the most important are;

  • The Post Office to redirect mail
  • Your local council for council tax
  • Your gas, electricity, water, TV, Internet and telephone suppliers
  • Cancel or set up any milk or newspaper deliveries
  • Banks, building societies and insurers
  • Your doctor, dentist and vet
  • Children’s schools
  • Your employer
  • The DVLA
  • Any clubs you are members of to redirect mail

8. Draw out a floor plan for your new home so we can unload everything exactly where you need it.

9. Consider asking friends or family to look after your children or pets on the day of the move.

10. Set aside any important documents, telephone numbers and entertainment for the kids that you will need to keep with you during the move.

Essentials to remember on the day

Make sure you have left keys and instructions for things like heating and alarms with the new owner of your old home.

Check every room once we have loaded up to make sure nothing has been left behind.

Make sure your removals team has the correct address of your new home and swap mobile numbers.

At your new address label each room with a post it note so the removals team put everything in the right place and let them know if they get anything wrong so they can fix it straight away!

With over 30 years experience in the business you can rely on us for the very best advice and award winning removals services; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our friendly team in London and Hertfordshire.